To disrupt and dismantle structures and systems that lead to inequitable outcomes, we must first do “the work behind the work” by being reflective and introspective.

  • vision


    To reduce disproportionality in organizational structures by creating a commitment to a paradigm shift that incorporates specific strategies that builds and fosters relationships while mitigating the effects of implicit biases.

  • mission


    To raise awareness and understanding of implicit bias and how it impacts human relationships through people, policies, practices, and procedure.



If you are reading the words on this page or watching and listening to the videos, there are two assumptions that I will make:
1. You identify as a thinking, breathing human being and,
2. You are a good-intentioned person.
If you identify as a thinking, breathing human being, you have implicit bias! And based on the research, having good intentions is not good enough. Actually, good intentioned people can widen and deepen the gaps that we are trying to close.

Want to learn more about implicit bias, how it manifests daily in our personal and professional lives and what you can do to reduce the effects of implicit bias? Then click one of these buttons to continue:


  • Dr. Reginald L. Lawrence II
    Rock Island – Milan School District #41

  • Cierra B. Nickerson
    Climate and Culture Specialist
    Harris County Department of Education

  • Dr. Kathy Ruggeberg
    Asst. Supt., Teaching & Learning
    Rock Island – Milan School District #41